Monday, June 22, 2015

Zombie juice?

The past weekend we went out for a minor personal achievement celebration. While devouring delicious sliders, waffle fries and cheese of the fried curd variety we also partook in the glory of adult beverages.

Now I am not an alcohol connoisseur. I will try many drinks and I definitely know what I dislike when it comes to booze. I have a tendency to try booze based on a cool name and/or label. I know that is not the correct (or pompous) way to choose booze. However, it is sure as hell is more fun that way!

When a beverage title of Zombie Killer was listed it easily drew our attention. I mean come on! It is called zombie killer! How can we not try it?

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser is made from apples, honey and cherries. Hmmm…a mead like beverage huh? Why the hell not!

How was it?

Well it definitely did not taste like the few meads I have had before.

This stuff is sort of like something like alcoholic cran-apple juice. I know it has cherries in it, but the tartness reminds me of cranberries. If someone handed me some kind of Ocean Spray juice and this I would have a hard time telling the difference. For being tart it sure went down smooth. That was the wyrd part too.

Is it terrible? No. Actually, it was good. Will it get you drunk and help clean a U.T.I.? Nope, but it tastes like it should. Does it make we want to kill or give me advanced zombie slaying abilities? Sadly no.  Is a drink I’ll get again?  Probably not. It is not terrible and if you like something that isn’t hard cider, but seems like it give it a whirl. You will probably like it.

At least it had a cool name and didn’t taste like drek. That does seem to happen very often.

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