Friday, June 12, 2015

Zombie Yahtzee?

When a world is over saturated with zombie stuff what do you do? Well you embrace it and play as many zombie themed games as possible. This time around it is Zombie Dice!

 Zombie Dice is a Steve Jackson Game and that makes it a potential winner right there. For those few outside the know, Steve Jackson Games gave us the Munchkin series of card games and those are fantastic! I had no worries when I grabbed this game. If you made Munckin, then your other games should be good too. Right?

If you couldn’t guess this is a dice based game, and it is for 2 or more people. The object is to randomly roll dice and achieve a score of 13. The hook? Well you see every player is a brain starved zombie. The dice represent humans and their sweet spicy brains. Each dice has an amount of brain symbols. When those are rolled you have devoured another hapless victim and filled your rotting body with sustenance.  

See it is that simple.

Well yes and no. See on each dice there are also footprints and shotgun blasts. When the foot prints are rolled, that means the humans have escaped your bony clutches. When a shot gun blast is rolled, well then you have taken a hit and are at risk of being returned to the grave from which you came. If you are shot too many times then it is the true death for you.

Alright then the actual game play consists of thirteen colored dice; green, yellow and red. Each die has a number of brains, gun blast and feet on them. They are all placed in a cup. Each player then chooses three, at random, to roll. When they roll a brain it is set aside. When they roll feet those die are returned to the dice pool. If a blast is rolled that too is set aside.

The now here is where the game goes down. You roll dice. You set aside the die that come up with brain symbol. At any time during your turn you can stop and cash out or bank your rolled brain dice for points. Each brain counts as a point toward the coveted 13 needed to win. Now if you roll a shotgun blast that is set aside as well. When you roll a total of three blasts, well then your turn ends. You are done and any brains acquired are lost. First player to 13 wins. It is that simple.

Now the dice are green, yellow and red. You can guess what that means right? The green dice have three brains, the yellow have two and the red have one brain symbol. Now the opposite goes for shotgun blasts: the red has three, the yellow two  and the green one. The remaining sides are then feet. The odds per die and the combination you pull is what makes the game. This is a simple press your luck game and there is no actual skill involved. That makes it a great quick, pick up, travel, and /or drinking game.

Is there a negative to Zombie Dice? Well… can’t affect the game for you or other players, or lack of game interaction? Ummmm……you have to have a writing utensil and some type of parchment to keep score? The strategy is limited to random die rolls? If you hate or have an allergy to dice, then stay away?  Rolling dice can get boring? I can’t find anything really negative to say about the game. 

Zombie Dice is a quick fast and  another damn fine game from the house of Steve Jackson Games. 

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