Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Well this also happened last week

New Privateer stuff!

Every damn time I see this all I see and hear is "THUNDER MACHINE!"
Great looking vehicle and an even better name!
For so unknown reason...I really want one of these.

An armored elf with a big nasty sword and fancy armor.
Meh! Poncy elves!

Hey its that guy! Wait who is this guy?
Steelhead mercs are all trash! Right fellas!

Stormknight turned merc. Alright then.
Twin stormglaives?! Yeah that is pretty bad ass!

Holy crap look at this fraking guy!
A huge upgrade to his fleshy original model.
New Zaal is damn impressive looking.
A real shame I can't stand the majority of the Skorne models, or I would have him leading a force.

10th Hordes Anniversary box set.
I was shocked by this. I was guessing it would be a new Madrak or Krueger.
I never would have guessed Kromac and the Legion twins.
Great looking base Kromac looks impressive.
However, the cost, twins and fact the warlocks will be available separately make this a bit of a head scratcher purchase.
I guess collectors gotta collect. Right?

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