Friday, June 26, 2015


If the poster isn't enough,.........
........ just watch this.

 Hooper! CannonballRun! Smokey and the Bandit! What a pedigree!

Sometimes you shouldn’t go back and other times is fantastic to relive a bit of the past.

Megaforce is one of those two moments.

As a lad I saw this movie and was taken aback by it. I wanted a motor cycle with missiles and machine guns on it! Who wouldn’t!? Then again I was big G.I.Joe kid and this movie was right in my wheel house.

As an adult I knew going in this would be terrible and squash my fond memories of the film. That being said I sat down to watch a movie I only remembered for the action bits.

Megaforce is an elite military organization the works for the free countries of the world (this is the 80’s so we all know who the good and bad guys are). Their claim to fame seems to be high tech vehicles, recruitment from all the good guy countries (kind of Men in Black) a giant computer room, holograms and sweet sweet spandex uniforms! They are called upon to help the Republic of Sardun from being attacked by the nearby country of Gamibia. Where are these countries? Who cares this is not about geography, it is about action! Meanwhile, the “evil” (due to looking like Fidel Castro I guess) Duke Gurerra and his armored tank division continue to attack the Republic of Sardun. It is up to Commander Ace Hunter (what a sweet ass name and hair) and Megaforce to stop the “evil” Duke Gurerra.

How will they manage that? Well with the use of the awesome Delta MK4 Megafighter, Megacruisers/Megadestroyers, a couple of C130 airplanes, gold and silver spandex, amazing feathered hair, 80’s synth music and stunts! That is how!

Words cannot explain the pure awesomeness of this clip!

The Republic of Sardun? Gamibia? Where the frak are these places? Why does Duke Gurerra have an armored company? How is he able to attack and leave without any reprisal from Sardun, the U.N. or anybody? Why are there holograms? Is that the guy from Knight Rider? How do you fire missiles from a motorbike and not get horribly burned? Is thumb kiss an actual thing? What is this mid film failed love story about? Wait! This was made by the same guys that did Cannonball Run and Smokey and the Bandit? What is actually going on here?

Megaforce is I hate to say is not good. The plot is barley better than an episode of G.I.Joe or the A-Team. The action is right on par with any kids cartoon…or the A-Team: lots of explosions, guns, tanks, nobody getting shot, defiance of all logic, vehicles and buildings blowing up, stunts (just vehicles jumping over stuff), lasers, fantastic character names, bad dialogue and worse humor. Holy crap! This is just the A-Team with a high level government military funding.

Still is there anything more awesome than a motorcycle with dual missile launchers and a trio of front mounted machine guns? There is only one answer to that.

No there is not!

Damn it! Megaforce is terrible. I knew going in it would be.

Sweet, sweet spandex!

That being said, it is so much fun terrible! It does not hold up like it did when I first saw it. It couldn’t simply because ,for all intent and purpose, I am not a 10 year old. I know I may seem like a kid most of the time, but I am still legally an adult. Megaforce is kid movie. How this was passed off as anything but that is insane. What “normal” adult would sit through this and be entertained? Not a single one of them. Probably a big reason why there was never a Megaforce 2. However, if you ever saw this growing up, or have a love of terrible fun 80’s action movies, then Megaforce will not disappoint!

Seriously, how can I hate a bunch of supped up motorcycles and dune buggies rolling up on a tank column to the sounds of some synthesizers, while unloading an appalling amount of ordnance?

I cannot! Who could?

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