Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Well Hollywood which gives me so much enjoyment and so much pain is at it again. This time they are messing with a film that is one of my all time favorites.

Big trouble in Little China.

Why? Just why does anyone think this needs a reboot? Why?

Even better...why does anyone think the Rock should be or could be Jack Burton?

The Rock; Kurt Russell in "Big Trouble in Little China" (Getty; Fox)
Horrible news here

More horrible news here

I don't hate Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but Jack Burton he is not! Why does anyone think this is a good idea? Big Trouble worked because of who wrote, directed and stared in it. It is the right amount of great dialogue, humor, crazy action, and insanity. Why the try and change that? How could you improve on an already damn fun film? If Dwayne Johnson is such a fan of the movie (as he supposedly says he is) , then why would he want to remake it? What fan would do that?

Damn it movie people stop it! Stop remaking movies that are fine on their own!

That or go remake classic movies. Gone with the Wind with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Casablanca with James Franco and Cameron Diaz. Citizen Kane with Nick Cage. On the Waterfront with John Travolta and/or Liam Neeson. The Graduate with Renee Russo and Channing Tatum. Chinatown with Will Smith, Seth Rogen and Mila Kunis. Citizen Kane with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawerence. Hollywood go ruin those untouchable timeless classics instead! Seriously why not reboot those movies?

Damn it! Leave the fun movies alone you pricks!


  1. Right on Brother

    They can get there stinkin mitts off Ghostbusters while there at it and if any one goes near escape from New York I am gonna smuggle a nuclear bomb into Los Angeles


  2. By the gods don't get me started on the Ghostbusters tragedy that is occuring.

    The already made a drek reboot of The Thing, but thinly dressed it as a prequel.

    May they all stay away from Escape from New York, The Warriors, Flash Gordon, and the myriad of other awesome movies that have great cult followings!

    1. Do you know I hadn't thought about warriors in years but they already fucked roller ball so it's possible saying that the robocop remake wasn't that bad and I had an awful feeling about that they managed to keep some of the social commentary and resisted the urge to make it just another action flick


  3. Maybe a sequel. Not a remake. The original was awesome. Why does every classic need a remake? Why?

  4. @ Dragons-Claw- The Warriors is just fantastic! Orginal Rollerball was fun, and I stayed away from the reboot there too.
    I avoided the Robocop remake. That is another favorite of mine. Why remake that? How do you make it PG-13?

    @Adam Jones- A Big trouble sequel would have been awesome. Well maybe? Escape from L.A. wasn't stellar......So would a Big Trouble 2 have been as good or worse?

    1. It's wide open for any sequel and I can't see it hard to make it super awesome.
      Escape from LA? I understand each of those words individually, but you put them together like that and I don't follow you.