Thursday, March 5, 2015

Will they be the same!?!?

There was a time when the only way  I could get a Chocodile was to have it shipped from west of the fly over states (as we are referred ).
For some idiot reason they were not available in the area.
Then Hostess closed its doors. I lamented but moved on with my life.
After the return of the Hostess brand via another company  I had no hope that the Chocodile would return. Even if it did, the new Twinkie is a shadow of its former spongy crème filled self.
While getting petrol the other day, what did I see on the shelf? Could it be?
Wait does this mean the return of the long lost Choc-Bliss is near?!

Well, it is now in a ”fun size” two pack. Who came up with the idea of the “fun size?”
Who is it fun for?
Am I right ladies?
Hello…..any one? Weiner joke? Nothing?
I of course had to purchase a pack to try them.
They look different similar, but they don’t at the same time. How do they taste?
Well kind of the same, but not. It is like somebody tried to explain what a Chocodile was and how it tasted to a room full of strangers; who were tasked with making them said description.
The Chocodile died along with everything else Hostess made. It is true when they say you really can’t go back.
Damn I loved those things!

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