Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Orboros tree men and a magic pillar

The Sentry Stone and Mannikins!
I know this unit seems universally poo-pooed by the Orboros community, but I tend to never really listen to anybody.

The Sentry Stone is just another immobile rock sculpture that painted up like the Shifting Stones.
I added a G.W. beastman skull to make the base a little less pedestrian.

The Mannikins are animated pieces of wood. These guys were fiddly hell!  Using equal parts  kraggle and green stuff I was able to keep the arms on the torso and the legs attached to the base.

Paint wise nothing to say besides different browns, some highlights and a wash.

They have sculpted leaves on them, but I went the easy route and added flock where the leaves were. The painted on foliage just didn’t look great. I like the flock on them instead, and it doesn’t look too much like a green merkin. Or does it?

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