Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disney pics parade.

Into Adventureland! Home of Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise!

Now with 300% more Jack Sparrow than the original ride.

Really wanted to get interior shots of this ride. 
The fact they played the music from the movies around this area was really awesome!

The Jungle Cruise is tame, however, our boat guide was awesome!
She did a great job of playing a blonde dink tour guide Barbie. A lot of fantastic puns and dry humor made the ride really enjoyable.

Alright the Swiss Family Robinson tree house looked lame, but walking around inside it was actually pretty damn cool!

Over in Frontier Land.....

Big Thunder Mountain!

Tom Sawyer Island.
Another lame looking attraction that I stumbled upon while not wanting to stand in lines.
8-12 year old Ian would have found this place super awesome! With a couple caves, a fort, bridges and all manner of paths to run around I would have had the most excellent of adventures!

The guns even make firing noises when the triggers are pulled!

See you in HELL Big Thunder mountain!

The fort even has an escape tunnel!

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