Monday, March 9, 2015

New Bloodthrister after all these years.

Well holy crap they finally made a new plastic Bloodthrister!
It looks gigundus and for $100+ dollars it better be! Why else would it cost that much?

Overall it is way better than the old ape face and giant handed previous Bloodthirister. That model has needed an update for over a decade.

Two of the three heads are good. This one, is pretty dumb.

What the hell is wrong with his face?
The weapon options are cool. Well except for whatever the hell this hammer on a string is. That just looks ridiculous.
It has a descent mid action pose.

The wings are bit of a mess with all the little ovals or teas in them.  Either make them tattered or don’t. Whatever the hell is going on with them is just wyrd looking.

Even the little bits that suck still make this a great looking model. Especially compared to the previous version.
I wonder if it will be as large as that Wraithknight, the Tau Gundam suit and Imperial Knight models. If so wil it be bad ass enough to field? I imagine it will just be an over-priced guy that will be shot to ribbons before it can make an impact.

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