Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More new Khorne stuff

I usually praise the Warhammer Fantasy group for their modeling skills. They seem to do a great job….and then these guys arrive.
What the hell is wrong with their heads?

I get you like the powers of Chaos, but can a brother just get a sword/axe without it being covered in…well whatever the frak that is?  Is it a skull metal skin coating with teeth covering these weapons? Can you just give them a big honking cleaver or wicked serrated sword instead of whatever the hell is going on there.
We get it. There is chaos and the warp powers going on, but you don’t have to choke us on it.

What is going on with the hammers on strings and Khorne now?

Khorne now comes with smashy windmill battle action!

Holy shit snacks what is that guy doing in the upper right corner?  It’s a touchdown for Khorne!
There is some fun armor stuff going on here, but there is a whole lot of bad here happening too.

They can't all be winners I guess.

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