Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walking Dead season 6 finale hello......

....and good bye.

Alright Season 6 of The Walking Dead is complete.

I am done with that show!

This season has been a bit of a drag and after the finale I have ample reason to not return to this series.

The disenfranchisement started earlier this year with the horrible Glen is dead or is he!? After that nonsense it only got more annoying.

The constant over hanging Negan/Saviors build and story was tedious. like I need another drawn out story: Sophia, Terminus, Beth, 1st time Glen might be dead.

The heavy handed foreshadowing and clunky story telling is too much for me. A few annoying examples. Wow! That building sure looks rickety. I hope it doesn’t fall onto the Alexandria wall sometime this season. Wow! That side character is giving some thought provoking speech that is positive. I bet they don’t die any time soon. Wait yup they do. All of them all the time. We have an giant arsenal of weapons, but fail to use them properly when we should. Our zombie survivor group and walled city population is incredibly competent until it serves a purpose to be complete morons. I doubt anyone will notice. Pick one or the other it shouldn’t be both! Hey look Glen is looking at polaroids of people with their heads bashed open. Look a bat. Look there is Glen. Look there is a bat. Look there is Glen again. Maggie commenting on how the deal struck with Hilltop to stop the Saviors is going to cost them something and then slow shot of Glen outside. Last night seeing Lucille and then a 10 second shot of Glen. WE GET IT GLEN DIES IN THE COMIC! HE GETS HIS HEAD CAVED IN BY NEGAN! GET ON WITH IT ALREADY OR MOVE ALONG TO SOMETHING ELSE!

Like to watch a camper drive around a lot and see larger barricades?
Well this episode is for you.
Wait why not just shoot these 6 guys right now?
Wait that would make sense.

The Morgan story was drek. He is a ninja/Jedi with a broomstick? 

The Carol is bad ass then isn’t. Then she is, but finally breaks down and wants to die alone, live alone or whatever. She went from victim, to quasi-serial killer, to world beater and bad ass to broken down wreck that wants to go die alone? They shit the bed with her this season too.

Then we get to the finale. Anyway an 1 ½ hour episode was what came on Sunday night. First if this was more than an hour I would be amazed. A lot of driving to get to a dead end and commercial to drive to get to dead end and commercial and on and on and on. This was an extended episode why?

The story was drawn out far too long. Carol is shot three times and will probably live. Why? Well because. I mean in the zombie apocalypse you can get shot multiple times and survive without modern meds. Well that is unless you are a minor or side character. Then you’re screwed! Plus it was just a device just to get Morgan to break his code no death to humans code. It guess it was also a way to introduce the Medieval Times community to the show. Another bit in the comics that drove me away.

The whole world wants to see Negan. I guess he is the best character ever? I don’t get the appeal, but then again his story was why I quit reading the comics. Once again the group of survivors acts dumb when they haven’t been for a while. The last ten minutes or maybe fifteen to finally get to Negan was not worth it. Then instead of three characters like in the comic  they decide to drag the majority of the main cast to be chosen for skull bashery. Who would it be? Will it be Glen like in the book? Will it be anyone else? Well……. Nobody knows!


A complete cop-out shitty cliffhanger is how they left the show. What a waste of time! The dumbest thing they could do was to tease and then not deliver and that is what the show did. Why? 

Well it will drive up the ratings for the first episode of Season 7. However, I would guess that the next season will start somewhere else instead of where it ended. This way it forces up viewership for at least two episodes and if it is high enough then boom! A next season is green light no matter what happens afterward.

Plus, it gives the show runners that ability to change the outcome of the finale. Say they had an character in mind to die. Well if the interweb community is so up in arms about one person being bashed from the show, they could change it to another lesser loved character. Thus maintaining more viewers. It was just an abysmal way to end the season and felt like a half-assed cheat.

Now the next choice is who to brutalize. Well anyone who has watched the show knows that it won’t be Carl. Why? Well if a kid gets (the few times we know about) it is done off screen. You don’t see the kids ripped to shreds by zombies. You don’t see Carol’s bullet hit psycho girls face. You don’t see Carl take the bullet to the face. You after effects if you see anything. Carl is safe. Then there is Rick. Unless Andrew Lincoln wants off the show he is safe since he is the main character.

Then you get to the ladies. They are all safe too. Michonne, Maggie, Sasha, and Rosita are all safe. If you haven’t noticed ladies do die, but it is few and far between. Plus it is off screen or “tasteful” if on screen. Laurie- off screen. Andrea- off screen. Andrea’s sister- “tasteful” and head blown open off screen. Season one black lady- off screen. Rick’s girlfriend/mom- “tasteful.” Denise is the only exception, but an arrow to the eye falls under “tasteful” since it was a single shot and a little blood. Carol getting shot was cruel but it was in the arm and leg. Plus, she will probably live through it so it seems a moot point. 

What you don’t see is ladies torn asunder by zombies. You also won’t see a lady getting her head caved open either. That won’t fly on t.v. and would have sorts of angry protesting from lady groups. Hitting and tearing up ladies, unless they are mindless zombies, is a huge no-no! Plus Maggie is pregnant? Well sort of I guess that depends on if they want her to lose the baby to trump up the drama even more on the show. Still, you are not caving in the skull of a pregnant lady.

That leaves Glen, Arron, Eugene, Abraham and Daryl. Glen is probably out because America loves him. Gods remember how stupid it was on interweb when everyone thought he might be dead? I looked at that as test run by the show to see the feedback they would get is Glen did die. They heard it loud and clear and he was saved. Plus everyone knows it is supposed to be him that dies by Negan’s bat. That means a change to the story and Glen is probably safe. 

Arron is possible since he is a minor side character here and that makes him a target. However, he is gay so that makes him safe too. You can’t cave in the skull of the one openly gay dude on this show. Same complaints angry just from another group.  

Daryl is probably safe since he was shot and people lost their minds over it. If he dies now it adds insult to injury to those fans. Plus show favorites have been safe for so long that I don’t see the show runners changing that anytime soon. 

That leaves Eugene and Abraham. They are probably the best bets. Eugene received that pep talk from Abraham about being a survivor and that smacks of the next guy to die irony. See the Denise episode a while back to hear her fun speech and then get the old William Tell, sans the apple. Abraham is a ginger and we all know they can go and few people will care. We all know they have no soul (thank you Eric Cartman for that bit ). Plus they are sort of popular, but not super popular. They can be missed, but only for that week or maybe one more. Think of either of them as the new T-Dog of the series. They will be missed a little but not much.

Now matter who dies I really don't care anymore. The show (much like the comic did) has become a pointless drag. The group moves, meets some a-holes, moves , meets more a-holes, finds a safe spot, is over run by a-holes, finds another spot and then they becomes the  a-holes, then meet bigger group of a-holes and so on and so on and so on. It has become way to tedious and pointless. Issuse 100 is when I bailed as well. Negan was another pointless zombie apoc bully and I had enough then. The show seems to follow suit only it has gotten much worse this year.  The last five episodes and last night have made my decision way too easy. Even if they didn't wuss out on the finale I think I still would walk.

Good bye AMC Walking Dead. It was fun for a bit. Time to move on to find another safe place to hopefully not get booted by some group of a-holes.

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