Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Adepticon 2016 the last photo dump

Forgot I had pics of all this stuff too.
Mostly just cool tables and terrain.

Giant Apoc game with a damned Imperator Titan

Giant Hoth battle game.

Mr. Smothers (best name ever thanx for that Lew)

 GMM Studio Adeptus Mechanicus army and display.

Some other Titan vs. stuff table.

Multiple giant naval and pirate game tables.
They measured movement with yard sticks.
No idea what game , but some fun stuff to look at.

Giant Warhammer Fantasy table/game.
Just insane!

Fantastic light-up Infinity tourney table.

One Malifaux table showing off their not cardstock, but sort of like cardstock terrain.
It looks alright and very functional.

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