Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adepticon 2016 some pic of models

It is not a convention without Cthulhu!

There were a ton of beautiful fantasy armies here. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of them.


Samurai ogres. These guys rocked!

Soooo many Marines, Eldar,Tau and some flavor of giant robots.
Throw a rock on the tourney floor  and hit one of these armies.

Captain Ultramarine?

The LED light on this display was on a random color cycle. 
Fun effect.

Why I don't play 40K anymore.

Necrons. Hooray!

Fun Salamander display

Why I don't play 40K anymore.

Thankfully a full Khorne army!

Love this guy!

Why I don't play 40K anymore.

Tzeentch army. Blink and miss it in the sea of Eldar, Marines and Tau.

Wait one Ork guy.

Sisters o' Battle! Quick back to Marines.

Even in person these Space Wolf models still suck!

Judge Dredd themed force. Awesome!

A couple Necrons.

Wait a bug army. Did see a couple of these, but about as many as Orks and Necrons.

Hello Kitty Marines? Ugh.

Notice the lack of Privateer Press armies. Well it was so dark and close quarters in their hall that pictures were pointless to try and take.

Saw a few great Warmachine and Hordes armies, but their pictures didn't turn out for shit.
Privateer Press! Get a main hall tourney or at least turn on some damn lights!

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