Monday, April 4, 2016

Adepticon 2016 treasures and 1000 posts


Got back Saturday to dump off my goodies nap and then hit some D&D.

Two and 1/4 days at Adepticon was more than enough to try new stuff. 
See a ton of models and try a few games.

I walked out with the new a lot of Privateer stuff.
The new Unleashed book and Mist Speaker.
Mobius, Bog Trawler, The Desert Walker, a Night Troll, Razorback Crew, a Grifffon 
and a Machine Wraith.

Got the Wraith and Griffon from the nightly bits trade/model dump for super cheap.
The rest, sans the newest releases, I got from the vendor hall at a huge discount. 
Basically got Mobius for free with the discount he gave on five models.

Also nabbed the Malifaux starter set. After a proper demo I thought it was descent enough to buy.

I'll get a longer post about the games I tried and experience out this week.
Plus, I have a lot of pics to sift through and post as well.

Hey! This is post 1000 for me.  A long time coming and a personal goal I didn't think I'd reach.
Thanks for popping in to see what the Hell it is I'm babbling about.

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