Thursday, April 28, 2016

Basement ready as possible for this coming weekend.

We have been slowly getting everything together for a nerdy gaming friendly basement.
Paint is complete. Assembly is complete. Cleaning is complete. Display is almost done.
This coming weekend looks to be the official christening.

It isn't completely done, but as they say...close enough for government work.

Here are a few of the sights to see so far.

Stormtrooper flanked electroic entertainment zone.
Ton of skulls and Pops above.
Skulls are sort of thing I do.

Dragon head above the lintel.

More Star Wars wall stuff.

Death Star that will flank three Star Wars prints.

Love this painting!

Maleficent. My lady has a thing for this villain.
This is a Fathead sticker thing. Man did it ever suck putting it on the wall!

Over by her desk and computer is Maleficent corner

Then we hit the horror stuff!
Prints and pics of us with our icons.

My Night Lords on display next to the horror stuff. 
It seemed fitting.

The bookshelf with more of our bits and bobs.
Need to get more of my pile of books up on this.

Well a quick glimpse of what we have been doing.
A bit more to hang and display.

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