Friday, April 29, 2016

Some pre-game info

A quick bit of world building I'm throwing out before Saturday's D&D game.

The Frost Peaks form a natural border to  the West. The Great Eastern Fringe is comprised of a sweeping wasteland and fetid swamp. The Northern border is shared with the forested lands of Mishcinsen. The South is a wide plain that is dotted with small clumps of forest. Between all this is the land known as Midlund.

The central city of Midlund is known as Stoneskeep. A city of a few thousand citizens set along the grand Metedras River. The central location and availability to the river make it a prime location for travel and trade.

Along the Eastern Fringe where the Metedras empties into a fetid bog one can find the town of Wychlight.  It is the last bastion of civilization before one travels into the dark and dangerous Twilight Fens.

The Bastion is equal part garrison and town. It is located near the Northern border with Mishcinsen. It the first line of  defense from invasion from the harsh woodland realms.

Finally, to the West is Ferrous Spur. This town is more of a central hub for all the mining that occurs in and along the Frost Peaks. AS the ore flows so does the traffic to and from Ferrous Spur. It is here that all manner of weapons, armor and equipment for the land of Midlund is made.

These are but four of the larger settlements in the lands of Midlund. There are several smaller communities that dot the countryside.

Recently, these lands were under siege by a raving horde of orcs and goblins. The city of Stoneskeep was partially occupied by this force of creatures. The Bastion was besieged by a force of forest goblins and giant spiders. Several of the mines I the Frost Peaks were shut down due to orc infestation.

The leader of this invasion was an orc known as Brunt Tooth “the Mighty.” His orc and goblin forces struck various locations days apart to keep from a unified resistance forming. However, he overreaches when his forces invaded into Stoneskeep.

A concerted effort by several of the small town militias and various adventures and adventuring companies struck back at Brunt Tooth’s main army in Stoneskeep. The giant orc was slain and control of his army quickly fell apart. The infighting between the goblins, orcs and occasional ogre quickly moved thorough their ranks as news of Brunt Tooth’s demise spread. Soon the armies of beasties assaulting the land were retreating back to their dank underground lairs.

The task of rebuilding the area has  begun. Settlements were razed. Crops and livestock were laid to waste. Several small communities were put to the torch. Groups have banded together to go after the fleeing goblinoids to finish them off before they can regroup. Others are taking advantage of the chaos and are forming roving bands of raiders and river pirates. Several other creatures have been seen moving into the land of Midlund looking to for a new home, prey or treasures. A power vacuum has formed with the loss of Burnt Tooth and his combined armies. 

It is a  treacherous time in the lands of Midlund for some. A time of adventure for many others.

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