Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Guess I'll comment on MKIII

Out of the blue this week came the release info for Privateer Press games 3rd edition or MKIII. 

Now I have been through 4 editions of 40K  and as many editions of D&D. I know what comes with a new edition of a game. Well I know with those systems. This is my first edition change with Privateer Press. I have no idea what to expect.

There are pretty pics of new boxed sets and a ton of noise already flying about. I've learned to ignore all of that and just wait for the release of the new book.

All I hope is that they don't change the core game mechanic. The 2D6 plus a set stat for everything works really well. I hope that doesn't change.

Is there anything I hope changes?

Yeah make people want to use warjacks and warbeasts! This game was founded on giant robots. Make them viable. Stop the massed infantry for Warmachine! make people want to run four or more warbeasts and not a tone of dudes. 

Shore up or remove tier lists. They look fun but they are either way to easy to abuse or way to easy to ignore by forcing players to take models they don't want to use.

I also hope that the units already in existence don't go away. Even the models I will never own and could care less about. Remember just because you or your area doesn't like or use a model/unit, it doesn't mean they are a favorite somewhere else.

I guess if the change it too overwhelming or they remove a ton of the druids, troll and pigs I own: then our home will be a MKII home. It isn't like we cannot still enjoy this game without playing the new edition. 

All will be noise until this summer. Ignore it. Don't feed into it. Don't spread it.
Play MKII until you no longer can. Then let the interweb explode with new rules and such.
However, that is me being rational and we all know the interweb is no place for that.

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