Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NFL 2015 the end and begining

The regular season has ended. I would love to say it was a great year, but it really wasn’t.

The officiating is always an issue, but this year it just seemed fraking awful! There are always missed calls or bad calls in a game. This year it seemed these were happening every game. Is there anything that can be done? I don’t think so. Well besides changing some of the dumber rules ( what is a catch, touching the QB anywhere besides the strike zone etc.). The officiating made a lot of the games tedious and/or frustrating to watch.


Then there is the replay booth. By the gods get this right, do it faster or both. The ability to look at a play to see what went down is amazing and awful. With the technology today it shouldn’t take more than a minute to review if a ball is caught, a touchdown scored or whatever. It slows the game down a ton and at times is wholly unnecessary.

The injuries were troublesome as well. Hey dudes get hurt. However, why are guys getting hurt every other play? The contact has been and is being pulled out of the game. Are players just falling apart? Are they not practicing and training to keep this from happening? Holy crap snacks there were so many injuries both large and small all season. Did anyone see a quarter of football without multiple players lying on the ground or limping off the field?

Damn it what is happening to the only sport I love?

Now the second season has begun. The playoffs. I like to think it is anybody’s game but the NFC is a three team race. Sorry Green Bay, Washington and Minnesota. Unless there is some giant fluke, incident, the Cardinals, Seahawks and Panthers are the only teams looking to advance.

In my beloved AFC I thought to crown the Patriots a few weeks ago, but they have slowly fallen apart. The AFC is a mess and I think it is more open. Granted the Texans and Steelers look to be the weaker teams. Plus I’m not sure how good the Chiefs are granted they beat Denver, but they were spotted 6 turnovers in that game. Besides them who have they really beat? The Bengals always fall apart in the big games. The Steelers have a very suspect secondary and are beyond wounded on offense. The Texans seem to fold when playing the good teams this year. Denver has a good defense, but are known to make stupid penalties at the wrong time. Their offense is suspect and now we get a QB issue. Do you go with recently shit the bed Brock Osweiler of the subject to fall apart, but legend Peyton Manning?

Here is hoping for an awesome next three weeks of playoffs before the Superbowl. Get the calls right guys. Nobody get hurt. Let’s make the next three better than the last seventeen!

They surely couldn’t be any worse. Could they?

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