Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is set. I actually have a dog in this fight this year as Denver makes it to the big show.


A Denver/Patriots showdown again that everyone is tired of hearing about or loves I’m not sure which. It was a trying game to watch at best. Watching a descent offensive first half to then witness a beyond anemic second half. The defense was amazing until it wasn’t much like the entire season. A few bad penalties and few big plays kept the Patriots in the game and brought it to the wire. I walked away from the game with a lack of fingernails, at least one ulcer and numerous grey hairs. So Denver goers to its eight Super Bowl with a horrible record of 2-5.

They are playing the Carolina Panthers who looked so amazing in their championship game Sunday night. We it helped that Arizona turned it over seven times. Even without those mistakes I think the Panthers still would have won, maybe not by as much but whateves. I have only watched three Carolina games all season and the Sunday championship was a definite exception to the rule. Who loses a game when given seven turnovers? Well nobody. The two previous games I watch them they look good, but not unstoppable. Hell they almost blew a giant lead the week previous to Seattle.

I think if the Broncos get behind the game is easily over. If they turn it over they will lose. If the defense plays heads up and mistake free for the majority of the game and the offense can get a couple touchdowns/ various field goals then they might just win. Might. It is hard to stay super positive and pumped when we spot the Patriots a non-forward pass touchdown and let Gronk catch a  seam route (like he does every stupid week) late game to set up a two point conversion tying touchdown. I am apprehensive at best going into Super Bowl 50.

A game where my team is already the underdog, has a great (at times but makes dumb mistakes at times) defense and has (an stitched together) one of the greatest ever quarterbacks ; but is facing the new hotness in the super smiley, happy and damn good this year Cam Newton.

An awesome night or another long tedious exercise in pain. Oh to be a Broncos fan and in the Super Bowl again.

A love/hate experience for sure.

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