Monday, January 25, 2016

Newest Privateer errata my $0.02

I really like the fact that Privateer Press does a few errata documents every year. They seem to keep abreast of the game and when they give something that becomes too powerful they adjust it accordingly.

Of course this forces cries of nerf, unfair and all sorts of interweb rage/crying. However, if you find the power combo and exploit the crap out of it and so does everyone else, then it is going to get an eventual fix.

There are some other changes that actually look descent.

Man-O-War bombiders get combined ranged attack. Holy crap Khador might actually hit something with a ranged area effect attack. Sure it takes multiple guys to do it. Still this makes a unit I never hear about maybe get a new look. Plus these guys are already super cool one man mini-warjacks with a chainsaw mounted mortar. A great idea and look, but never really utilized. Maybe now?

Runeshapers get a remade tremor attack that spits in the face of defense and is a self-centered 3’ auto knockdown. Well that is better than previous needing to hit to make people fall down.

Skorne gets three changes to make models better. Well I think so anyway. The wording looks more positive than negative and that is always better when fixes come down the pipe. Plus they are Skorne so I don’t really pay attention to them anyway.

The Pistol Wrait officially gets Chain Attack: Stationary. I’m ok with that since I have never used one prior to this rule change. I can’t miss an ability on a model if I never used it in the first place (an important note to remember when looking at all erratas. If you never used it then why get upset with a change?).

Double hand throws on little bases by big bases get an extra 1” of distance. Ok then.

The rest are clarifications, unit designations,  some elf stuff, and little bits.

Then there is the fact that the Trollkin meta has switched and that puts panties in bunches. However, I don’t feel sorry for them. They should have seen it coming. As always  when the game shifts too much due to a unit, rule, model, etc. ;then a change will eventually be made.

Troll Warders had become THE go to troll unit (outside of the Kriel Stone). They looked to be a tough anvil and suddenly became both a hammer and anvil in one unit. That is never promising. A great ARM stat that only gets better, Weapon Master to roll 3 dice for damage and 4 on the charge, the ability to get a strength buff from getting hurt, multiple vitality points, weapons with reach, add in the Kreil Stone bonus and a random warbeast animus and this unit became really good. Really too good and that was the problem. Yes they only have one attack, but what an attack that was! They were over shadowing all the other footslogging troll units. So they have had their extra dice adding weapon master pulled from them. This pulls their power down a smidge, but they always look to be a tarpit/ objective holder and not a table-wide beat stick.  Warders are not finished they are just more in line with what they should have been all along.

Then the Calandra Evolutionary Elemetalism tier list got a change to keep for flooding the board with reduced cost light warbeasts. That list was just bonkers and everyone knew it! If you didn’t then you miss the proverbial forest through the trees! If one army list is wrecking face every here and a lot of people are using it, then it is going to be reviewed and changed.

It is still a descent tier list, just not as exploitable. It actually tries to make a Mountain King viable. I am curious to see if Calandra becomes deader than disco again or if people adjust and keep using her with this tier. If the past of this game system is any indication, that would be a big nope.

The change to Tier 3 in Baldur’s Wold War list I don’t get, but was anyone really over reaching with the Sentry Stone? . I really like this unit , but I count myself in the minority. I can see having three fury to start being an issue with the ability to pop free terrain and replenish all the lost mannikins the following turn. I guess it was too much somewhere in the world.

Whatever your take on this new errata (mostly still butt hurt from the troll community it seems) you have to know these are all for the good of the game. Privateer Press pays attention and makes changes on the move. They aren’t static and just let shit pile up until a new edition rolls into the store, or even worse just kind of half-ass an FAQ/Errata that fixes a few minor issues/rules (I’m looking at you 40K back in the heyday of 4th-5th). They keep tabs on the game and try to keep too much of a good thing from becoming the norm and ruining the game for everyone else. Yes, they want people to enjoy this game and getting your army crushed by one list or one unit can repeatedly is not the way to do it.

If these errata documents keep coming and it keeps the game from stagnating and forcing a new edition then I welcome all of them no matter the outcome.

We all should.

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