Friday, January 22, 2016

Nazi-thralls done

These guys din't paint up terrible.
 Plus they convey the Mechanithralls just as I though they would

The biggest issuse was their little jumpsuit color scheme. 
I tried to make it look like a Vault-Tec suit, but that was just too blue. Plus you really can't  mesh Warmachine and Fallout.

Then went with browns, but that made them look too much like actual poo.

I settled on a few greys and then dirtied it up a little.

Their eyes are green to drive home that Cryx necrotite bit.

A few undead greens and gross yellows with a wash and their sink was done.

I even added some of that green to their little punch fists. You know to make to make it look like they are powered by undead green spirit coal.

Up close i'm not too happy ( I never am when I paint anything), but from tabletop gaming distance I think they are just fine.

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