Friday, January 29, 2016

Punchy goat

Had this guy for over a year now and it was time to get him painted.

The Shadowhorn Satyr was not my favorite metal warbeast. The original pose just put me off for some reason.

I turned the torsos a smidgen as well as the forearms. It gives him a less static pose and makes it look like he is starting to throw a punch.

The color scheme was based off the name and a bit of a nod to the whole black sheep of the family saying. Since it seems this is another beast that is skipped over due to it not being a Warpwolf or a Gorax.

Let me look a little deeper……He looks to be more of a heavy light beast than a pure heavy. He hits harder than the light beasts and has just a few more boxes than the lights as well, but he comes with all the size, points and three attacks of a heavy. An animus that might be a bit situational to boot.

I need to get some games with this guy to see how good/bad he really is. Another beast can never hurt with Kaya the Wildborne though.

A good feeling to get another back logged model complete.

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