Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hordes not Undercity Undercity game

Widower's Wood Box Cover PP

In the dark wilderness of the Iron Kingdoms, an ancient evil stirs. Backed by an army of sinister creatures and terrible beasts, a merciless witch doctor plots to awaken a long-forgotten terror. Should he succeed, countless swamp-dwelling tribes will face a fate worse than death. Now a group of unlikely companions, each a monster in its own right, offers the only hope for the inhabitants of Widower’s Wood.

So now the Hordes side of Immoren gets a action adventure RPG board game. Well it looks like it will be anyway. They are doing a Kickstater for this and I imagine they will meet their goals. 

It looks to be like their Undercity Warmachine game, just outside and with monsters/Hordes guys.

The few models they have shown look good and would make nice counts as stuff. However, if they are like the Undercity models they will be that rubbery quasi-gummy plastic and not ideal.

I will probably pass and hope to score a demo when/if it comes out. We have way too many action/adventure boardgames to play now (Last Night on Earth, Invasion Outer Space, Brimstone, Touch o' Evil, Zombiecide) that another giant board game might be one too many.

Widowers Wood Privateer

It still will probably look fun and I'll want to try at least one game of it.

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