Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fallout 4 part 2. Pete

Every incarnation of Fallout alloys you to create a different character. After that you can take a ton of different directions.

You want a brute then up your strength and endurance to last in close combat.
A wasteland thief, then stealth, lock picking, agility and luck are your buddies.
A gun bunny means a lot of agility.
A sniper then add to your perception.
The detective means a lot of intelligence and perception.
The diplomat has a ton of charisma and intelligence.

These are just sample ideas off the top of my noodle. There is no wrong way to play your character at all. Even better is the choices for builds are just insane.

I usually fall into a mix of sniper and gun bunny. I love me some long range shooting or being able to unleash a torrent of doom at midrange on anyone who makes it close to me. The long rife and the combat shotgun have always been my friends. It has always been shoot first, second, third and then there are no questions to ask later. Who has time to gab?

Enter my guy Post Apoc Pete.

This time I went a totally different route. I decided to play a more of an intellectual and charisma filled semi-scientist, who is a wiz bang inventor and lover of all things pistols!

Yeah I am buffing my intellect, charisma and perception this time around. I am able to chat more, make more stuff and influence conversations.

Not much use against lo pan, but it will make you feel like Dirty Harry.

I also have a ton of cool weapon mods available thanks to the intelligence based science perk. Especially, when added in with the gun  nut perk. It makes only carrying a couple pistols not so scary.

Plus you can name your guns! How awesome!

My preferred weapon for combat. Mr. Blasty!

Yup I’m only using pistols (with only a quick one battle deviation to fire off a missile launcher that was lying around). It makes the battle a bit more intense and it takes a little finesse as well. However, when you are toting a bullet spraying fully modified 10mm pistol and a heavy barrel .44; there isn’t much that can withstand those guns repeatedly to the head neck and chest. Well maybe a Deathclaw, but that was my one foray into the missile launcher and rightfully so.

If there is a drawback to only playing pistols and throwing points into intelligence, perception and charisma it is the lack of strength and lower endurance and agility. I cannot carry much and am on the low side of action points. However, using some in game basic chemistry, biology and ecology and I can get work a workaround for both those issues.

Anyway back to my adventures in the wasteland. This gun toting, charming and intelligent super scientist has a world to rebuild!

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