Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Another legend falls.

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister has passed.

I was not a huge Motorhead fan, but one cannot be a fan of metal without knowing some of their stuff.

I saw then open an Ozzfest some years ago. They did not disappoint.

If don't know Motorhead or "Ace of Spades" , the go to Motorhead song, then go listen to it right now and drink in all that is awesome about it! That or go listen to "Hellraiser." Find his cover of "The Trooper." Listen to "Overkill." Even "Born to Raise Hell" from the movie Airheads (which is the third and final good bit of that film) is awesome!Then go break something, punch the gas pedal, blow something up or hit a dude.

This is what Motorhead music wanted me to do. They were mostly all great. Mostly. Sure, I know their songs all had a similar tone ,sound and rythm; but who cares! They were Motorhead and they made you want to rock!


Plus their leader was Lemmy. How great was he?

Lemmy had a gigundus mole on his face.Talked like he gargarled broken glass and whiskey. Hell, half the time he sounded incomprehesible.He had THE best facial hair in music! He rocked some sweet haberdashery. Lemmy looked the part of both metal front man and NPC from the Fallout game series! Which is another reason he was so awesome!

Another awesome bit of my bygone youth is gone, but not soon forgotten.

Now we can really figure out who would win in that wrestling match between Lemmy and God (the second good bit from the Airheads movie). 

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