Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The begining of a nerdy gaming basement

It looks cluttered now, but soon!

With the world of outdoor fun over until spring, I was told it was time to upgrade the basement from storage dungeon to gaming nerd dungeon.

The walls have been cleared and painted.  The worst step of this project. I thank my wondrous and glorious special lady for doing the painting. She knows how I abhor painting walls, but like to paint little figures. Wyrd right?

I cannot wait to dispose of these window shutter treatment thins. So awful!

I have the task of the grunt lifting and movement of objects for now.

Next will be the addition of a new computer desk, book shelves and a small cabinet to house the various game systems and the television.

Soon we are getting all the various artwork framed that has been sitting around waiting for the right time.

Then the hanging of the objects will begin.

Then hopefully the rearrangement of stuff to accommodate a table and chairs. 

Finally, the various organization and home finding for all the various nerdy I have accumulated.

Look like this winter we will get the basement ready for gaming of video, board and tabletop varieties. 

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