Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What I am wearing to Episode VII?

 Well this!

“What are the odds of you ever finding a piece of Star Wars apparel that can perfectly define your avant garde, devil-may-care moxy…a brand of nerdiness born from a love of a galaxy far, far away?… …what do you care? You’re a blaster-slinging, blockade running scoundrel with a thirst for adventure, a penchant for misbehavior, and a love affair with Lady Luck. 
From the cantina to the cosmos, you play life close to the chest, but never get cocky about it. On the run from the law and the last creditor you owe, there’s nothing you enjoy more than giving your warrants and bounty hunters the Corellian slip, always one step ahead of their tractor beams. 
You…live the “Spice Life”.

Merchop- Star Wars hoodie  - clicky that to grab one today!

Just the perfect piece of apparel for those long nights on Hoth or on those runs to Kessel when you don't have a Wookie to keep you warm.

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