Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post X-mas

Well hope you folks had the happy holidays, merry Christmas, or whatever else you people do.


My father hand crafted a clock for us this year. It is amazing work! Thanks dad it really is a beautiful gift.

Now the nerd gifts.

 It was a very POP X-mas in the house this year As my collection of those little giant headed guys grew even more.

I need to add a Little Sister to the mix so the awesome looking Big Daddy has someone to protect.

Illidan can next to Diablo and await and Arthus and Deathwing.

Dalek Sec and Chucky to add to the sci-fi and horror POP collections.

The only bad ass from the whole John Hughes movie series, Bender (with his little red leg bandana) is here for, “The rest of your natural born life!”

Now I need to find Assistant Principal Richard Vernon to prove that if you mess with the bull then you get the horns. I need to watch Breakfast Club again soon.

BB-8 the only reason I’ll ever enjoy anything that looks like a soccer ball.

Speaking of the new R2D2, I was gifted an app controlled mini BB-8 as well. This little guy is phone and voice controlled. So much damn fun, and the animals just LOVE him rolling around the house beeping at them!


 The best car charger ever! Yeah my little VW will be constantly trying to hit 88 mph for a time jump.

BBQ grill tons in the form of Vader’s lightsaber. They even make all the sounds. Flipping burgers and steaks will now be even more awesome!

The big gist was a joint gift for the boys, a PS4 Darth Vader edition with Star Wars Battlefront, and a copy of Fallout 4 for me.

After the flurry of gifts it was a very quiet day of installing and updating before getting a shot at playing Battlefront for all of five minutes. Before the PS4 was relinquished to the 11 year old. I did get on long enough later to get a character created for Fallout 4. I can’t wait to dive into that gigantic all time consuming game! 

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