Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Force Awkens!

Now after two viewings I am, able to jot down my feelings on this movie.

15 years after the Phantom Menace we get another big tent pole Star Wars event.

Was it worth the wait? What did I think?

Yes and I fraking loved it!

A quick over view for those who have and for some reason haven’t seen this yet.
The First Order is the new Empire. They have Stormtroopers, Tie-Fighter and all the stuff they could find in the garbage after the previous galactic Empire was thwarted.

The new Republic/Rebels are trying to sniff out the First Order to stop their shenanigans.

Now throw in a Jakku female junk collector, a First Order trooper turned good guy, a BB-8 droid and everyone’s favorite walking carpet and his nerf herding partner into the mix. They just need to deliver a map to the Republic/Rebels.

There you go the plot of The Force Awakens that covers barley anything outside of the trailers we have all seen.


I was worried going in here. I had to be. The Prequels were not great. Sure there are a few moments in each film, but  as whole they are lacking in more than one category (likeable characters, dialogue, fun, way too sterile looking due to too much C.G.I., etc.)

The Force Awakens hits home with action, characters, the comedy hits, emotion and a good start/finisher story. 

The action here is everything you want from a Star Wars movie. You get the blaster fights. There are X-Wing and Tie Fighter battles. A giant space action set piece. Light saber duels. Explosions! It is all covered. You can’t really complain about any of that. Well you can, but that would make you a bit of douche.

The new characters are all really likeable and interact well together. It was great to actually like and care about Finn, Rey and Poe. Then there is the old guard which fall seamlessly right back into character. Han and Chewie are just as you remember them, if not better. They are the welcome heart and soul of the film. Leia has moved onward and upward and plays her part fantastically. The cast was just so much fun and worked so well together. Gone is the wooden acting, horrible interactions and annoying side characters from the prequels. The characters here feel so much like what you remember from the original trilogy.

The environments, aliens and locations look and feel real here. The over use of C.G.I. gave the prequels an almost sterile look by comparison. Here we get the look and feel of a living universe again. I really missed that.

The story is a familiar throwback, but that wasn’t all it was. This plot makes for both a fantastic bookend to the original trilogy and great jumping on point for the new trilogy. It is both a wonderful hello and goodbye in one film. Plus, it was just so much damn fun! I missed that from my Star Wars films! Didn’t we all?

After two viewings I really wish Lucas had sold the rights so many years ago. The Force Awakens reinvigorates the franchise, gives a new generation a starting point, brings back much need emotion to the series, gives a new generation a jumping on point and makes the old generation fans remember everything we loved about a galaxy far far away.

“Chewie.We’re home.”

Three words, one quote that sums up the entire feeling of the film.

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