Friday, December 11, 2015

Devastation -my Hordes thoughts

Well after some time to chew through the newest Hordes book here are my 2 cents.


Well the four full factions all receive a fancy new gargantuan. I am still not impressed with these giant models. I think they skew the game too much in one direction. They still remind me of when G.W. first decided to allow super-heavies and giant models into the game. Yes it looks cool, but it can turn a game sour. Especially if both parties are from different schools of game play. They may all look sure cool, if and when they get released, but I have no want or need to use them.

Trollbloods are what I always face so their new version of Horlauk Doomshaper could be troublesome. This third version is quite the battle group buffer. His warbeast points are low and his stats are not stellar. However, if he is running a lot of monsters, then they are going to love his feat and ability to heal D3 per turn. He would be a big pain in my rump as I usually face 3-5 warbeasts per game.

The Dhunia Knot could be a bit annoying as well. Could be. These three girl trolls can do the whole puppet master bit to the enemy and can heal models they when they are base-to-base contact. The healing bit looks to be their whole purpose. Being able to add D3 points back to an already regenerating troll sure does look annoying. The upside is they have to in base contact. Having to be so close to battle is why they might not be so useful. Sure they have the standard troll tough ability, but their defensive stats are drek, so dropping them won’t be that difficult. A stray blast or collateral slam could potential ruin their day. A potentially very useful support unit or a waste of a few points to just to try and heal a measly vitality point (or two/three).

The pygs get a unit attachment for their little band of no sniping snipers. They can add an officer and a mortar to the unit. Nothing to say as I won’t be facing pyg riflemen anytime soon.

The Circle druids bring a new and beefier Kromac to the game. He has grabbed the magical battle axe from  Madrak Ironhide and looks to much better at swinging it about. Kromac was once a dude who could morph into a big beastie. Once morphed he was a wrecker, but couldn’t cast spells. Now he retains the wrecker status and can cast. He is like a more powerful light warbeast! How awesome is that? Well I’m not sure.

The model looks impressive! The fact he is on a large base does not. His power and health boxes are great for a warlock. His spell list is descent and his feat isn’t terrible either. He looks to able to crush faces. However, in a game where if your leader dies you auto lose….is a giant melee warlock a good idea? He can be hard to screen from ranged attacks. If he stuck in melee, where you want him, you risk losing him to said combat. A great looking model, but just too damn big, and I’d be afraid of a bad turn of dice and there goes my warlock and the game.

Then there is the new druid cavalry wizards,     . They feel like a Hordes version of the Khador mounted Greylords. Not super excited about them. I can see their potential use, but I don’t see them making into my army. Maybe the models will look really neat?

The Tharn Blood Witch, now this lady I can probably use. They are made to ruin light infantry and buff Bloodweavers a little bit. They look fairly self-sufficient and are cheap, both of which I look for in solo models. The ability to cut themselves to gain melee buffs and heal themselves are killing a model is very interesting. I think two of them could be very useful. The model is descent as well, always another bonus.

Legion and Skorne stuff would go here……..but.................

The Farrow got a few surprises this release. Two light warbeasts in the Splatter Boar and Battle Boar. The Splatter Boar is and walking light  artillery piece with two melee attacks. The gun is wildly inaccurate, but its purpose is to throw out blast damage/effects over concentrated damage. It can cause fire damage, a crazy command check hallucinogen effect of   . Plus it comes with an animus that adds +2 melee damage, and critical corrosion.

The Battle Boar (or War Hog lite) is sort of a Farrow  version of the Gorax. It comes with two punchy fists. It can be forced to gain boosted melee attack and damage rolls like the smaller Razor Boars. It has a animus that lets it get to snack on fallen enemies to heal a bit. I will be curious to how this guy will look. It will be the deciding factor if I get one or two.

Then toss in a gatorman heavy croco-beast that can act as a shield and cannel spells. He has a great ARM stat, but barley brings more offensive power than a light warbeast. A curious addition, but maybe he rocks for the gatormen faction?

Throw in a unit of Croak Raiders, or fiery spear throwing frog men or a pair of characters from a Privateer novel if you wish. I am not excited for either. However, the Gremlin Swarm does intrigue. The models look pretty weak, but they look great to use against warjacks. A base that can cause various rando status effects to warjacks is great, and they do this while incorporeal! Causing disruption or limiting offensive potential just y touching a coal fueled robot is very interesting. Sadly they have no use in a warbeast fight. Then there is the Hordes version of Gorman, Hutchuck. A grenade tossing ogrun alchemist who is also no slouch in melee combat. I can see him being recruited from my force as soon as he gets a model!

Devastation is a bit of a meh for me. My aversion to gargantuans being the major issue.


  1. I kinda like the way the Dhunia Knot works. I'll probably put them in my Gunnbjorn list just to puppetmaster my own guys to gain the re-roll.

  2. will be surprised how long that last as well. The wording allows it and if it get abused too much then they'll pull it. Well not until they sell a lot of the models first.