Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl conumdrum

Well another NFL season has reached the pinnacle. I would say it was a great season…but was it? There was just a lot of off the field  horseshit happening when it started and there is just as much horseshit happening as it ended.
I was hoping this was going to be a good game, between one of the great (I hate saying it but it is true) quarterbacks and a defense that is setting itself as one of the best (I hate saying this too) in many many years. However, now I have nothing but an overwhelming feeling of apathy about the coming championship.
First, I really dislike Seattle. They have Pete Carroll who throws a tanty everytime something doesn’t go his and he coached USC.  Second is all the monikers they have: Legion of Boom, Beast Mode, the 12th Man (Seattle didn’t create this but sure acts like it). Enough already. Pick one fun little moniker and move along. Then there is Marshawn Lynch and the nonsense surrounding him, that he himself has caused. Plus, I just can’t get behind a team that comes from the same city as grunge music and Starbucks. I can’t root for the nonsense from the Pacific Northwest.
Ever stupid time there is an issue with or against the Seahawks.
How can I root for the Patriots though? Screw Boston and their baked beans and wryd cream pie. I mean Tom Brady is a damn fine quarterback. Even if you hate the guy, you still know he is really damn good. Plus he has those smoldering bedroom eyes. Then there is Bill Belichick who might be a death eater or a sith lord. He is completely unlikeable, but he seems to be able to coach pretty well. Now there are all the cheating allegations surrounding the team. True or not it is a black mark that will always be there. How can I cheer for these clowns? I can’t.


The media hasn’t helped either. I usually ignore all the pre-game stuff as does the majority of the talking heads. However, this year it is everywhere. Every damn day is more ball stories and Lynch shenanigans. It is inescapable. All the non-sports outlets are covering this crap. I had no trouble walking away from ESPN, but I can’t get through local news without mention of this crap. Enough already! Who fraking cares?

These are complete drivel and people should just stop with it. Why? Well every team in the NFL is doing something to get ahead of every other team. The Patriots got caught and there will be some repercussion. Move on.
Marshawn Lynch might hate the press and rules, but they are league rules. Don’t like the rules then suck it up, quit or pay the penalty. Acting like an ass-hat gets you press. Strange how he doesn’t want press and is the center of it.  SHIT! I am even giving him air time. Damn it!
I can imagine it has only gotten worse the last few days. I stopped caring after the middle of last week.
So, I go into the game hoping that during halftime that Katy Perry has wardrobe malfunction and one of her bodacious tatas comes flying out of a costume! That would be wonderful as I no longer care for the winner or loser.
katy perry sexy epsn picker college football game
Not a fan...of  Katy...umm .....wait what was I going to say?
Something about.....BEWBS BEWBS BEWBS!!!!

 Hopefully, this will be a great game and everyone will forget the noise leading up to it. Maybe the fellas will throw some money down and all sports are more meaningful if you have money riding on them. Right? 

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