Thursday, January 15, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy still knocking it out!

The newest End o' Times stuff is on the way and it is the Skaven now. Holy crap are their big kits just as impressive as the last few.
Punchy Boneripper

For a game few seem to be playing, or is it many people in secret ( depending on what you read), GW is putting out some amazing stuff.

Now the Skaven have a lot of wyrd models and they continue the trend.

The Vermin Lord is a bit tail wispy for me, but it still damn impressive! They can be made in various versions which seems cool to meet the theme or needs an army.

Whatever these Skaven heavy gun robots are, they look damn cool! A lot of conversion fun with these I imagine.

Thanquol & Boneripper

Then there is Boneripper and Thanquol. Well the newest version of these two. I guess Boneripper version ?.0 can be either punchy or shooty. Either way a damn impressive model.

Thanquol y Destripahuesos

A ton of improvement over the previous version of these two guys.

The rolling ball of doom, the Hellpit abomination, the warp ball o' doom, the bell, flame throwers, machine guns, mutant rat swarms and plague guys...yeah it is easy to see why I could have gotten into this army.

Warhammer Fantasy continues its run of impressive and more expensive kits. 

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