Monday, January 12, 2015

Three day football weekend...............

How I felt Sunday by 6:30 P.M.

Well this was looking to be a great football three day weekend. Well it really hasn't been so far.

I'll Start light with the meh! with Seattle and Carolina. Did anyone see any other out come besides a Seattle win? They are hot now and that is bad for the NFC.

The Denver game was awful. I didn't think Denver would make it out of there with a win. I didn't think they would play like absolute turd though. Well better they lose this week then next. Plus I don't have to listen to the droning on of sports people and Peyton vs. Brady again.

The patriots and Ravens game was at least entertaining. Who doesn't like crazy play-off lights out play by Joe Flacco? Sure the Patriots pulled it out, but we all kind of knew they would didn't we? They have been pretty damn good this year. Curse that damn attractive Tom Brady and his evil overlord head coach!

Then we get to the Dallas and Green Bay game. What the hell? We all know what happened the week before and if not lookie here....

Cowboys Lions #1

and here....

Cowboys Lions #2

All that and now we get a crucial non-catch under the "Calvin Johnson Rule." I'm now Cowboys fan and am not upset by the call. Look at it as galactic balancing of the cosmic scales. Horrible officiating that got them to this game also cost them this game. A shitty way to lose, but so be it. Rules right?

Fight Club Quotes
Jerry Jones and Chris Christie after the catch reversal
However, it is a gods damn ridiculous rule that should be destroyed! Seriously NFL if you can't get your lady beating rules right at least get your on field rules right!

So now I'm gonna just call the Superbowl line up for the Patriots and Seahawks. No sure there might be some lights-out play that changes this, but I'm not convinced.

Off  to the National Championship tomorrow. I would love to see Ohio beat Oregon. Why? Well the fact the Big Ten is drek compared to all other conferences in the NCAA, well they may be better than Conference U.S.A. If they win would the BOO-YAs!! and other sports talking heads change their minds? I imagine they would chalk it up to some fluke reason they won.

I mean the SEC is not there and they are THE NCAA football conference. Plus there is no Florida team there, so this really isn't a fair assessment of the NCAA football landscape. That is what I imagine would be the take if Ohio somehow manages a win. That or they just dick rid Urban Myer and his super genius like they always do.

At least they final have a playoff system for college football. Here is to hoping they keep it no matter who wins!

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