Friday, January 2, 2015

NFL and NCAA play-offs!

The NFL has hit the play-offs and I am in no way excited. Why? Well Denver has limped their way to a #2 seed. I sum up the second half of their season with a bit from Lewis Black.
“They aren’t shitty, shitty, shitty! They’re stinky, farty, smelly!”
That is how Denver has been playing as of late. Maybe a bye week will get them on the right path?
Speaking of the right path that is where New England, Dallas, Seattle and Green Bay have been as of late. Hoo-flipin’-ray! The only thing worse than Denver getting to and losing a Superbowl would be for Tom “Look deep into my dreamy eyes.” Brady to win another championship. Worse would be for that shit-kickin’ hick Jerry Joes to win something. Worse still would be having to watch Pete Carroll in the Super Bowl again, or any game again, on the sidelines with his antics, or have to listen to the whole 12th man beast mode crap again. Man I hate that guy! Even worse is for the meat head Packer fans to have something to celebrate. I can only dream for Denver to win it all or lose before they have to face New England on the road. That is where I am at this post season, and it is not a super fun place.
Speaking of playoffs, the NCAA had theirs yesterday. Holy crap did I not watch the games and should have! I couldn’t watch another game where Florida State won when they should have been beat. Plus I figured Alabama would bend Ohio State over for proper pants down spanking. Instead I introduced my spec ail lady friend to the Harry Potter world of films. Yeah this guy gave up football for wizards. Damn I’m a nerd!

During a break between Chamber o’ and Prisoner o’ I checked in on Ohio and Alabama. Yeah it was 21-6 and looking like the Tide were going to roll.
I clicked over to see the Florida State-Oregon score and was shocked. I never thought Florida State would get trounced! After a shrug I figured that this would be atypical 1 vs 2 match-up like everyone else was thinking. That was until this morning when I saw the final score and that Ohio State had won.

Holy crap! Who saw that coming? If anyone says I did, then you are a liar!
Hey NCAA, why didn’t you start play-offs sooner? See how awesome this can be! Now people will have all kinds of excuses and such for this system. You know the people that like the BCS ranking and all that noise. I saw give it another year, just to be sure, and then jump this up to an eight team play-off. Then it would be even better. This would add more excitement and lessen the break between the end of the season and the play-offs.
NCAA get this done!

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