Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Venture Bros. end of 5 start of 6

It always seems that I get upset with the people at; Titmouse Inc., Noodle Soup Productions, Astro Base Go! and Williams Street, when it comes to the Venture Brothers. This show started in 2003 and in 2015 we have only 5 seasons (someday 6).

Then the collective “they” give a tidbit now and again to remind us that they still are up to something. This keeps the masses placated and my annoyance and near rage subsides.
Then a night comes along and the collective Venture creators throw out an episode or two. This night I anticipate like X-mas! Why? Well because this show is awesome and always seems to bring me a euphoric feeling that only heroin or crack could palely mimic.
“All this and Gargantua-2” premiered Monday night.

This episode felt more like a delayed 5th season finale than a 6th season premier. The cast of characters was phenomenal!  It seemed as if everything from the past few seasons was in play. There was love and loss. It took place in space! The usual great one-liners and jokes are there. A couple of fun action pieces that include lightsabers and geriatric fisticuffs! I guess best of all, it tied up a lot of dangling threads.
Now does this mean that season 6 will be starting anytime soon. Nope.
Will I return to my post Venture boredom. Yep.
Now I return to waiting. However, I have this episode to watch and watch again I will. I always miss something the first time through, usually due to my girlish giggles.
Now if you didn’t bounce over to see the extra 5 minutes that set up Season 6 go there now!
Here is the link……  Venture follow-up
If and when the show returns it will be a time of glorious upheaval! Until then I have “All This and Gargantua-2.”

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