Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"His name is Dalton."

Alright the best part about having a lady friend that lies to play with toys, is that I have to paint them as well.
Before X-mas she gave me a list of models she wanted to increase her Trollblood forces. Was it wrong to not get two guys that I don’t want to ever face on the tabletop? I think no, but I’m probably in the wrong.
He is no Patrick Swayze

I did grab a Troll Bouncer light warbeast and got it finished before the holiday.


I got the plastic version instead of the metal by mistake. The metal Bouncer has a much better pose and face. The plastic is just the body for the Axer, and Impaler but with a different head and arms. The up side is that I have painted three of these kits already and it made it easy to knock this out.

I added a few cuts and scrapes to the armor  and shield to give him a bit more battle damage. He should be beat up a bit since he is more of  bodyguard.

I gave his shield a few troll-ish runes. Why should he not have some sort of defensive spell or rune of warding on his shield?

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