Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kong: Skull Island

The year 1973. Vietnam is ending. Is there a better time to go explore and uncharted tropical island with John Goodman?

I think not.

Welcome to Kong: Skull Island.

Yeah the gist of the movie is that this Skull Island was previously a myth, but was detected by U.S. satellites. The Monarch group is wanting to go explore said island to look for a big o’ monster that may be living there. Sure they pass this off as looking for medicine, fossil fuels, resources or to just keep the Ruskies from finding it first.
All they need is some government cash, an army helicopter company for escort, a bunch of scientist who are actually mapping the area, a female photographer and an ex-S.A.S. scout turned merc to get them around the island. It all seems like a proverbial “milk run.” Well, that is until the scientists start dropping seismic charges to map the island, and to accidentally/ on purpose flush out any giant monsters that might live there too.

Quick photo of the expendable characters.....

Yup bombs go boom and this riles up a giant ape, Kong,  that lays waste to every helicopter in the air. This of course sets up the man vs. beast story arc. See Samuel L. Jackson is the commander of the helicopter group. He now gets all Captain Ahab over Kong. Now toss in a healthy amount of Apocalypse Now/ Heart of Darkness as well to make it more than just your typical Moby Dick tale. Now it is up to Brie Larson and Tom Hiddelston to help save everyone, keep Kong alive and stay super sexy while in the humid messy jungle. Then mix in the typical worse monster than the monster that attacked everyone trope to make Kong a “good guy.” Finally a health sprinkling of action and some John C. Riley long lost WWII survivor humor and you have the complete tale of Kong: Skull Island.
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See her face? It is theme throughout the film.

Is it any good?

Well if you like giant monster or Kaiju films, then it is a good bit of alright. It satisfied everything I was wanting and expecting…

Giant ape wrecking stuff.
Guys dying in droves to Kong and various other creatures.
Giant beasties battling each other.
Great set scenery.
Tiny bit of humor.
Shooting and yelling.
Tom Hiddleston being British and making the ladies’ seats wet.
Plus there was the added soundtrack that was greatest hits from all the Vietnam films/era.
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If you go in expecting anything but this then you will most definitely be disappointed.

The only issues I had with the film was the heavy handed Vietnam stuff. We get it. It wasn’t popular. Stop beating the horse. It died a long time ago.
Then there is the Michael Bay  effect on the main actors. This is where the leads get a little dirty or bloody. Just enough to stay sexy, in a situation where they should be covered in blood, gore, dirt, mud etc. It is a comical annoyance to see this. Seriously this is  jungle island these people should be sweaty and filthy. They stay relatively clean throughout and especially toward the end.
Brie Larson’s big doe eyes. She has two expressions during the film. Nothing going on at all or GIANT SURPRISE EYES at everything. I’m not sure if this is her norm as it is the first movie I have ever with her in it. Not a huge fan of her, but I am of that camera strap she had!


Anyhoo….Kong: Skull Island. Totally worth it if you love big monster movies. Don’t go in expecting anything but this.

Stay through the credits too. The extra scene is a sting at what is hopefully coming down the pipe in a year or two!

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