Thursday, March 9, 2017


The not too distant future, you know where everything is the same and few bits are different. The X-men and mutants are no more.

Well except for an aged and ill Wolverine, a mentally addled and ill Professor Xavier and for some reason Caliban. Why Caliban? I have no idea, but he is played by Stephen Merchant and he must have needed work?

The gist of the tale is Wolverine is old, sick, drunk and now a limo driver. He works in the Southwest and lives in the middle of nowhere Mexico. He lives with Caliban and they both care for an old, ill and mentally broken Charles Xavier. It all seems to sort of be working until Logan is approached by a Latino lady looking for his help. Then he is approached by a guy named Donald with a robot hand looking for the same Latino lady.

Jump ahead said lady has a mute kid travelling with her and wanting a ride to the Dakotas. Then it just so happens the addled Xavier has been mentally chatting with this girl, Laura and she is a mutant in need of help. Laura of course falls in Logan’s lap and now he has to deal with her, Donald and his cyborg buddies, a road trip, his illness, the Professor’s illness, self-driving big rigs, a company called Transigen, the not New New Mutants and a (sadly) disappointing big bad.

This is Logan in a nutshell.

Seriously? They are "cyborgs"? More like an excuse to put the occasional metal arm on a dude.
Talk about phoning in villains.


Sure they aren't as crazy looking as these guys, but some more effort could have been made on the whole cyborg soldier front.

I won't go into the rant on the whole big bad, or X-24. Just awful stuff there. Huge disappointment.
This could literally have been anything or anyone else and it would have been better.

Now add in a healthy amount of F bombs because it is rated R. Like a a kid just learning to swear and his parents aren't home. I’m not a prude and love the swears, but at times it was just silly to hear Logan and Prof X throwing around the F--- word.

The violence is bloody and finally appropriate for a guy with adamantium claws. Not to mention that we all know Laura, the little girl, is X-23 and she is no slouch in combat. Seeing a kid tear and rapidly puncture people to death is extreme and some of the more comically awesome action in the movie. If not for the swear, the violence earns the R rating too.

New X-23 

not comic X-23
Image result for x-23
A story that feels more mature than any X-men movie to date. It had a healthy mix of The Gauntlet, a mix of various old Westerns, Little Miss Sunshine (with adamantium claws) and The Wrestler. However, it never felt too much like any of them.

It was hard to watch some of the early Xavier moments since he has this bit of dementia Alzheimer’s happening. Seeing that first hand and seeing it portrayed by Patrick Stewart kind of struck that old memory nerve. Anytime a movie can pull stuff like that and garner a human emotional response in me is impressive.

Is  Logan good?

Well, compared to the other two Wolverine movies… Oh lord yes!
When compared to the majority of the X-men movies…yes to that too.
Actually besides the disappointing big bad and kind of useless and not really cyborg Reapers, yes it was good!

I went in expecting drek and came out really surprised, even though we all know how it has to end. 

Added bonus, the Deadpool stinger at the beginning was a delight!

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