Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Grymkin I decide to weigh -in

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New faction for Hordes and the first looks have been out for a bit. I didn’t jump on to give my thoughts right away. I waited and gave the preview a trio of looks.

I think I can finally weigh in with my opinion now.

The new Grymkin faction, if I had to give a percentage of how much I care for it…it would be 15% for and 85% against.

I like a few of the models, but that is about it.

I mean this guy…. …..and the unnamed dog beast both have a great creepy look to them.Image result for grymkin hordes

Also how could I not supports a giant knife wielding monster who wears the skin of his victims? 
I simply have to get behind that.

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Um…then there is the brute that carries cages into battle? Well that might have a good bit of fluff behind it, and it might look neat-o too. However, it is just silly in application. Does he just swing the cages around? Does he just head-butt everybody? How is this guy supposed to fight? 

Then there is the warcaster called the…  he looks more at home in the Hel Dorado or Kingdom Death range of models instead of Warmachine and Hordes.
Not a fan of this guy. Hell, he could even be a Tzeencth hero for age o’ Sigmar too.

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The infantry called the Hollow Men have a nice eyeless dry zombie look to them. That is also the problem. 
They look like eyeless dry zombies. I guess Cryxian undead pirates are not enough and now another faction needs undead goons too? 
Once again maybe fun background, but still we have all seen zombie soldiers before.

Now we get to the jack-o-lantern soldiers. They seem more suited for Malifaux or Wrath of Kings instead. Their look seems to fit better in those game worlds than in the lands of Immoren. 
Still for some reason I do like them, but not enough to bother supporting them.

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Then there is the creepy apple tree and the sexy lady model. 
What the fresh Hell is this about? Seriously? 
There is already a stupid tree and guy model in this game. 
Yes I am not a supporter of Cassius and Wyrmwood. 
If that wasn’t bad, now we get a comical angry tree and a comely lass with poison apples? What the frak? This is another model that would feel ascetically right at home in the Wyrd universe.

Then there are the biggest offenders. The Piggybacks. What is this about? Pig soldiers riding tiny people? No! Just NO! I can’t stress my dislike of them enough. Wow! This is another great example of a unit that should be in the previously named game ranges. 

Well then there are the other two previewed warlaocks/warcaster or whatever special name they might have.

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The first is a little girl and her pet monster. Hmmmm…..where have we seem this? Oh yeah right here in Malifaux! What is Privateer thinking with this? Do they not look at competitors before making models? This model is basically the Dreamer and lord Chompy bits. 

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Related image

Then there is the Dreamer or a not not version of Pandora from Malifaux. Sure this is not as blatant as the (little girl), but one can draw similarities for sure.

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If the models weren’t enough to put me off this faction, there is also word that they have their own special rules for fury/focus too. Oh goody. It wasn’t enough to make this a very special snowflake looking faction, but they get their own special mechanic too?

Double blerg!

Even their little symbol feels like it is from the Malifaux game. Did they release these guys in hopes of pulling more of that crowd into this game?

Sure a new Hordes faction is a great idea!
It is just that the look of the Grymkin seems strangely like models that are from other competitor games or that fit better in said competitor’s games. I also know that the group I play with are not fans of this stuff either. Thankfully, I’ll never have to face this army on the tabletop.

Here is to the new Grymkin, a bunch of models that are so far very underwhelming and feel like concepts unused by other miniature games.

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