Thursday, March 30, 2017

Adepticon 2017, what I played

I was only here for a morning and afternoon, so I only tried two games. I spent the majority of the day wandering and looking at models.

I did try Eden though.

These guys have a ton of really fun and awesome models. I did get a quick demo in run from a friendly French lady. Yeah I had no idea this was a French company. I also never knew the French weren’t A-holes. Guess stereotypes aren’t always accurate. Well besides my white ass not being able to dance or jump.

Any way Eden. Quick thoughts.
Great miniatures.   = Always a positive draw. Model range of armies/gangs/clans are fairly unique. Plus it doesn’t just look and feel like other type of Space Marine, Knights, Army, various type of elf/dwarf/ork, brutish mutants guys etc. Sure there are nods to pop culture, but not too many to pull away from their aesthetic.
Small table set-up. = Great for ease of play. Small amount of terrain. Easy to find available room to play.
Small model count. = Always happy lower cost. Easier and faster to get painted and playing
All of these point to a game I would really get behind.

Game play is a you go, I go, you go, model activation.
Models have multiple  activation points. Move. Attack, Shoot, Special skills and all that to do on a model turn.
Played a simple 3 on 3 fight between demented circus performers and Lovecraftian fishmen.
A D6 game with base number to hit, randomized location number for hit, damage roll for location hit. So… D6 hit, D6 to where hit combat. Fairly simple.

Quick demo so the basis of game was covered. Of course there are a myriad of other rules and abilities to explore. Still if I had more time, more free money and players I could/would have gotten behind this game.

Eden models that peak the interest.

Historical game play

Well I tried my first historical based game as well....Blood and Plunder.

Ugh. I have a hard time wanting to play this stuff due to lack of robots, monsters, fraka fraka fraka guns, giant suits of armor, crazy models, undead, and magic. You know the stuff that makes table top gaming appeal to me.

This was longer demo, but still on rails to get you through it quickly.

 British guys


Spanish guys

Great demo board based on some jungle ruins bit.
A pirate based game? Here it was three units of Spanish and English guys facing each other.
A D6 game with base scores for combat offensive and defensive to hit, damage etc.

Spanish pikemen on the move.
Pikemen advancing on British Sea Dogs or some such unit.

No idea on how many models needed. We played with three units each, but not sure if more or less was typical.
A lot of specific rules for shooting since this is based on real world. Black powder weapons suck. So shoot and wait to reload before shooting again. So….a “ranged” game that will quickly devolve to melee, or a lot of shoot , wait…..shoot….wait shoot.
Having a pile of coins/tokens to use as “fortune” giving you re-roll chances during the game is a fun mechanic.
Having a playing card initiative mechanic is alright too. It lets you have some say in you activation order in combat as better card goes first.
However, each card had rules for veteran, trained, untrained and such for each unit. Thus making some cards better for some units than others.  A bit fuzzy here on the meaning and happenings here as I never really knew what guys were better trained than others.
The fatigue and post combat rolls were a bit hazy. I guess fatigue is bad, but it never came into play and was barely touched upon.
Not the best run demo. Descent models, not sure if they are historically accurate. Probably great for fans of this type of gaming.

Yup two games tried and only one that I would try again, given time, more free money and a player base.
Plus historical tabletop might look fun and be fun for many, but not for this guy.

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