Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adepticon 2017 swag bag

Well first was the stuff I bought. The Cryx command book was there so of course I grabbed that. They also had Mortenebra 2 there and why not grab her too? Well she is a giant robot centipede and that looks cool. The bit and building of her will suck beyond measure.

Then there was the swag bag. Well I didn’t buy  a copy of Warmachine Prime since the rules from Hordes Primal are minimal. Still, if you give me a copy of it, I’ll happily take it. 
A rule book for Flames of War, an adorable 40K activity book and a novel based on the Wild West Exodus game was also stashed away.

There was some strange box that looked like a card holder, but is for models. 
A tank, maybe Flames o' War?
A werewolf with a sword.
A Malifaux mystery mini ( a robot lady with 4 legs)
Adepticon pin and coaster.
Guild Ball pin.
Chibi flying skull mini.
A motorcycle mini.
A Victorian Reaper range soldier mini.
A cowboy mini from Knuckleduster.
A ton of various coupons for vendors.
Some sweet bases I have no use for but will gift to a guy I know.

Then the shock for me was a box of the Runewars game from Fantasy Flight.
Torn between the E-bay for this or cracking it open to play.....

Hopefully I'll get the pic dumps going tomorrow.

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