Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Egg head likes his booky-wook."

I have pushed through several books lately but none that were super stellar that I felt like elaborating beyond a quick blurb.

Meg- A shark novel where the shark is a long thought extinct Megaladon. If Jaws had never been made then this would have been a lot more awesome! It is not an un-fun read, just not stellar in any one category.

Jurassic Park- While I love the movie I found the book just alright. The book is very different from the film and that made for a much different experience on Isla Nublar. Strangely enough, I really enjoyed the movie more than the book.

Monster Nation- A zombie story that becomes a not zombie story. This starts as typical outbreak of crazy undead cannibal humans. Then you get this story surrounding living dead girl who is both dead and not. She is a zombie with a fully functioning cortex. She is living dead girl! Then add in some kind of singularity that causes all this plus a vision quest led by some non-pagan demi god type guy. It became a mess really quick. The best part were the little blurbs from the media and interweb to separate the chapters. It made for a much better story within this mess of a zombie story

Cell- Stephen King’s take on cell phones and zombies. This is some sort of pulse that fires people who are on their cell phones one day. I was treated to cell phone living non-zombies that become a telepathic hive mind that either want to convert the world or leave it alone. Then it becomes a road trip story with survivors and gut looking for his kid. A slow start a great bit in the middle and a drek third act. A few good bits of bloody violence in here but not much else. A just terrible ending too.

Life of the Party- Stories of a Perpetual man Child- Holy crap! I read nonfiction! Bert Kreischer  is a comedian that I discovered while watching his reality shows on the travel channel a while back. I loved me some Bert the Conqueror! The book is a bunch of silly tales (sort of a big non sequitur) from his life. A  quick read and a good cleanse from all the sci-fi and fantasy from the last few years.

Mister B. Gone- A lesser demon named Jakabok Botch gets pulled out of Hell. Here on Earth he travels around the 14th-ish century running afoul of mortals, demons and angels. From the mind of Clive barker there is some great imagery here. Plus Jakabok narrates the story and pleads with the reader to constantly burn to the book and set him free as they read it. Loved that bit, but the rest was meh!.

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