Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Daredevil Season 2

I was surprised at how fun I found the first season of Daredevil on Netflix.

Matt, Foggy and Karen are back and this time they have a whole new list of problems.

It is a different feel from the first season.

Season 2 popped up last Friday and I have slowly been chewing through it. It took about eight episodes before I started to really enjoy it.

This year added the Punisher and Electra to the series and I am a bit underwhelmed with them for the first half of the season.

Electra is sort of unlikeable. I was never a fan of her character anyway and the way she is portrayed here makes it easy to not care about her.  The Electra fight scenes are descent, I just could care less about her relationship with Matt Murdock and her personality. Still her character seems pivotal to the story they are telling and potentially for the future of the Netflix  Marvel shows.
"Where's Carl?"

Punisher is very polarizing as he should be. He is the guy you want to succeed but you know you shouldn’t be cheering him on because he is continuous multiple homicide machine. Plus having John Bernthal play is sort of an irritation. I still his Shane from The Walking Dead every now and then and that pulls me out of the episode.

Then there is the real bad guy this season. A giant faceless organization that has always troubles a few of the Marvel heroes. These guys just sort of pale in comparison to the Kingpin from season one of Daredevil. I have never been a fan of these guys either, but I did enjoy the stories where Wolverine killed his way through them in droves. Having this super stealthy highly trained fighting force named after and appendage ( my thinly veiled attempt at hiding a spoiler)  does open up the Netflix 
Marvel-verse a bit and makes the Iron Fist series easier to explain and work into the New York setting.
The series is still pretty violent and the fight scenes are still descent. The nods to the other Marvel stuff is either great or at times feels forced. The personal relationships are really strained and are a bit too much soap opera drama at times. Then you hit episode 8-9 and then it all starts to get more interesting and really starts top ramp up again.

Daredevil is still a descent show and worth a watch if you like Marvel stuff. It just feels a little less than the previous year, for me maybe not for all of you.

Well back to Netflixs’ version of Hell’s Kitchen to try and binge the rest of the series tonite.

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