Tuesday, March 22, 2016

As above so below or.....

 ....the Submarine Bonejack

Cobbled together a Helldiver yesterday.

This is his little burrow marker that you throw down after he buries himself.
How adorable is that?

Then he pops up to try and gobble your face!

Typical Cryx Bonejack. Pretty easy to squish, not super easy to hit.
No arc node that is common with Bonejacks.
One attack that isn't outstanding.
Very cheap for a light warjack too.

You didn't take this guy for offensive output.

A psychology threat is what this little guy is used for.

You take it for the trickery. Since he can burrow and pop up to attack  3" from where the burrow marker was placed.

This can lead to a lot of back arc attacks and slams to knockdown people.

A similar build and an easier paint up than the Deathrippers I did forever ago.

If it pans out I can easily add a second one of these guys for giggles.

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