Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer distraction

The summer is 1/3rd of the way complete. I have not touched a paintbrush in well over a month. I have models almost complete and a few more in the pip ready to go. Why?

I guess it is a terminal case of summer time crap. I have the various parts of the yard to build and shape to make it a glorious haven for nature’s creatures. I have my weekend work schedule ramping up this coming month due to various vacations. My nightly downtime has me returning to the Capital Wastelands.

Fallout 3. Yup that is the real crux of this problem. Well that  and E3 footage of Fallout 4. After seeing that I had a hankerin’ to go kill some radscorpions, shoot some super mutants inhale a steady stream of Jet and set those ghouls bothering Tenpenny on fire! By the beard of Zeus I missed this game!

This time through I am going with a melee only approach. That makes this game incredibly difficult. Especially when you ignore the stealth approach that is mandatory for such a build. It almost seems like the developers don’t want you to make a close combat beatstick. Why? Well shooting is so much easier, especially with the V.A.T.S. system. Plus there are cool guns: miniguns, laser and plasma rifles, combat shotguns, a gun that shoots railroad spikes, flamer and the gatling laser. The shishkebob (a handcrafted flaming sword for those outside the know) is the coolest melee weapon I have found to date. Sure there is the super sledge, the ripper and the powerfist, but the melee options pale in comparison to the guns.

Best perk in every version of Fallout!

I digress.

The good side to not painting is that I am also not buying more stuff to paint. At least I can hold back the purchasing of new models until I have the majority of my old models finished. Then again Gencon is looming on the horizon and I usually come home with something new to paint from there. I can’t imagine this year being any different.

I need to unplug and get back to painting when I have a few hours every night . I have the time and environment to do it. I just don’t have the drive. Hopefully, after I punch through Fallout 3 then I will sit and get back to painting. Part of me really wants to sit, shut out and paint. However, that part is being held down by the part that wants to cleanse the wasteland of filthy slavers, dispatch raiders, scrounge other vaults, chug whiskey, join the Brotherhood of Steel  and blow the crap out of Megaton! 

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