Monday, July 27, 2015

Dirty coal burning Menoth vs.Carbon reducing Circle druids

After a recent trouncing at Infinity I got to throw down with some Hordes vs. Warmachine.

My puny force of Circle Orboros beasts were looking to square off against the coal burning fire belching air polluters that are Protectorate of Menoth.

This was a battle box-ish size game as we have Rob who is relatively new and is just getting a collection going.
He would be fielding: Kreoss, a Vassal, a Revenger (spear guy), Repenter (flamethrower guy) and a Reckoner (heavy gun and fire beat stick).

I had my go to force: Kaya, Feral Warpwolf and Argus x3.

We really didn’t know what the other guy did. I knew that I would be facing fire with fire and some more fire.

What happened wasn’t a game, but a bit of a travesty of events.

After deployment we slowly moved around the board until I was able to get the warpwolf to charge the Repenter  and put three hits on it and then toss it at Kreoss who was idly standing in the open behind it. Of course my throw went long and missed. Better still it ruined all but two boxes. What two boxes? Well one movement and one flamethrower. I couldn’t even wreck the light warjack! Damn!

This leads to Kreoss walking up and doing his feat which knocks everybody down. Well crap! Then the Reckoner crushes the warpwolf in one turn. The Repenter walks up and light up two argus with his still functioning flamethrower.

I then have to spend a turn getting up and running/teleporting across the board to try and regroup. Another turn of positioning. I throw an argus between Kaya and the Reckoner. The following turn  I lose that argus to the Reckoner’s cannon and club. With only two lights against a full heavy a full light and a mobile flame thrower I throw caution to the wind.

I get Kaya within range and start slinging my only spell at Kreoss in cover. His high ARM value sucks by the way. After three hits I feat to regain 6 fury. I unleash another barrage and have him down to only two boxes. I choose not to boost to hit as I’ll need the boost to wound. Of course that means I miss and Kreoss survives.

Kaya is crushed the following turn by the Reckoner. I burned all my fury on the assassination attempt, so no transfer. Actually the transfer wouldn’t have really helped any way. I would have just prolonged the beating another turn.

Well that was interesting. My first Hordes vs. Warmachine game.


I had no idea what stuff did well I guessed fire, fire, an arc node and some fire. It was good to face the unknown.

A knock down feat with a 14” radius is disgusting. How does one counter that or survive the beating?

The Reckoner is cheap for what it has; smoke defense, assault, reach, critical fire melee weapon and a single shot gun with an DEF debuff effect. I was thinking it was a 10 point warjack. Nope! Holy crap! What is the down side of this religious robot?

If I had known what everything did would I have changed my list? Nope.

Once again one missed roll could have been the game decider.

I could have thrown my Argus at the Reckoner and the arc nod spear robot and tie them up of a round, but it wouldn’t have helped much. Plus it would then have me out of fury the turn after and Kaya facing warjacks or Keross in close combat is not an option. I’d rather lose from a failed assassination run than a slow beat down attrition.

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