Thursday, July 16, 2015

Warmachine Reckoning- My thoughts

I have finally punched through the new Warmachine Reckoning book.

The continuing plot for all the shenanigans in Imoren is what it is. The events continue to unfold after Vengeance. We have the post Thornwood battle fallout. An alliance forms of Khador and Cygnar to fight Cryx. The Cephalyx and Cryx continue working together. Eventually there is this trifold team of Cygnar, Khador and Menoth working to get those pesky Cryxians out of the area. The Khador stuff in the Cephalyx tunnels continues. Skorne seems to have a good foothold in Ios. The Convergence are sitting on the sidelines doing nothing during this. Why? Well because they are the odd ball force and get no releases this go around. Take that Imoren Necrons!

The story is what it is. It is equal part fan boy fluff, good, terrible and a way to get the new models into the story/game.

As a Cryxian sympathizer I am really not impressed with the releases. The new and third Denegrha model looks really damn impressive. The giant bone jack undead not quite a wyvern mount is cool! Her abilities are descent. I am not a fan of her spell list. Plus the sheer size of the model makes it really difficult to avoid ranged attacks. Having a squishy warcaster on a giant base everyone can see is really bad. If I was going to use her at all it would be her original version.

The Shrike is right out! A flying bonejack that can do trample attacks. No thanks.

Barthum the new name Helljack is out as well. He is a more expensive Seether, has affinity with a warlock I will never use and has rules that I find a bit boggling. I would rather just take 2-3 bone jacks for the same cost.

Soul Collectors are interesting, cheap, have good models, can play forward to grab souls that backfield casters would miss and I am looking at getting a pair of them. It just sucks they will not work in my Coven theme list I’m building toward.

The Sepulcher is the newest colossal. Much like the Kraken it has two pinchy tentacles and a back mounted gun. It adds two more tentacles that have ranged attacks. The it also grabs corpses to turn into new mechanithralls to refill the ranks. I can see why people are excited about this guy. I’ll pass, but that is due to my lack of a gibbering horde of undead punchy fist models that would benefit from this guy.

The Sepulcher and Ruin in the foreground. I'm not sure I'd be rooting for the colossal in this fight.

The rest of the factions, sans mercenaries all received new a new colossal, a new warcaster, one or more new warjacks, a new named warjack, a unit and/or a solo as well. The colossal for the other factions did not interest me at all. Sorry, but the bigger models are a topic of contention with me and a rant for another day.

Khador has the warjack Ruin and the new version of Zerkova with her Doomreaver bodyguard. Both really awesome looking! The rest of Khador’s release was lack luster for me with some new berserker warjacks

Cygnar adds more lightning with the jack Dynamo and shooting with the light jack Ace. Haley is a unit warcaster that can split between different versions of her past and present self. Then they roll out the ogrun trencher which might look like a really sweet model when it is released. Besides the look of the ogrun trencher I am not interested in the blue shooty lightning army.

Retribution….they are elves with a look that is too sci-fi and spacy for me. I don’t care about what they are doing, why they are in the game and what they did or didn’t get in this release. Sorry Ios and your big pant and mitten wearing elves. I just don’t care.

Menoth. Those bunch of religious nutz! Can you guess what they got? Think really hard now…..that’s right. FIRE! More fire for their army full of fire with fire that makes more fire. Their new warcaster looks impressive as a combat guy. Their light warjack has twin burning flails and would be a staple if I used this army. They also got new flame spear guard solo guy that looks like a bit of a bad ass too! Menoth has too much white to paint , is the crazy church army and some of their warjacks look silly, but I am a fan of fire!

The mercenaries get a couple units of pirates one that people are gaga over and then some goblin pirates that are a bit of a question. The Devil Shadow Mutineers are a trio of kill crazies. Two melee models and one shooty model. They can return from the dead and have a descent crop of abilities to boot. I will not be using them because they don’t fit what I’m building towards.

New merc unit or metal band?
The gobber river pirates are another trio that is dirt cheap. They are super puny as well. I’m not sure why these exist, but they are adorable! Look at their little hats and weapons!

The Siege Breaker is pretty damn impressive for a battle engine. The Warmachine dwarves have created a walking gun platform that is better than several other faction battle engines. I could see this stompy gun platform making the rounds.

Finally there is the new merc faction the Cephalyx. They have been out for a while and there was only one new surprise a second warcaster for them.  Now they can run with Exulon Thexus or Cognifex Cyphon. The names are bit silly, but the models are strange enough to be cool. The rest of their units we all know about and have been out for a while. It sucks that they were not a faction sooner. The look and story of these guys is in my wheel house. If I didn’t have a queue full of: Cryx, Orboros and Trollblood to paint, I probably would have started a small force of Cephalyx. I know better than to do that now, but it is difficult. The creepy floating spider brain warcaster, giant meat and metal monstrosities, diving bell helmet quasi-cyborg warriors and their mechanical limb floating masters are really hard to resist.

That is my take on the Reckoning book. I am not super impressed but I will be getting a couple of models from this release.

Now I wait to see what the new Hordes book will throw my direction.

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