Thursday, July 23, 2015

Infinity a second go round

I was treated to another Infinity game again. This time I played the blue dudes!

How did I fare?

Well after another look we were probably doing the whole shooting dice rolls wrong. Oh well. This time we did  it right?

Well? How did it go?

I was the blue guys this time!

Actually worse for me than last time. Out of the five games played I won only one. Even that game was way closer than it should be. It was another night of high rolls when I needed low and vice versa. I can live with that, or where others will say I am blaming the dice. When you have lanes of fire and models supporting one another with various fields of fire and roll abysmally what else can I do? Not much but roll and laugh as nothing happens or everything falls apart.

I found my deep striking (Infinity calls it something else, but it deep strike is good comparison) jump pack guy failing his roll to land where targeted. This means he instead drops back in my deployment zone, nowhere near the action, not once but twice is frustrating.

I did try the dodge mechanic when being shot at this time around. I can see a use, but not when you fail all the rolls and just end up getting shot. That was frustrating and funny at the same time. It made for good in game comedy.

I am still not sure about this game. Ten games in and there is still a lot I’m not sure about and this is just running the starter set. I can see the appeal, but I’m not sure there is enough there for me. Still the models look really good and the universe it is built in is not dystopian like every other sci-fi game. Yet there seems like a lot we are missing and a lot more to see/do with this game.

Maybe in another week plus I’ll have a better picture of it all.


  1. Don't know how I missed this post.

    The deep striking is Airborne Deployment. You were using the Akal Commando if you were playing the blue guys (PanO). In the full rule set any leveled skill is able to downgrade. So the Akal's AD4 can be brought down to AD2. This is a much safer way for him to enter the table by just coming in on a board edge without a roll. The caveat to this is that unlike AD4 you can't enter on the table edges of your opponents deployment zone. So he's going to have to hoof it if you want him there.

    I will say Icestorm is a great introduction to the game but it doesn't really show the game off that well. There's so much more then what's provided in the box. Add on that you're limited to two factions (PanOceania and Nomads) and a limited amount of their units. You don't get to use the awesome Intruder unit the Nomads can field or the camo cloaked murder machine that is the Swiss Guard for PanO.

    I'd suggest for your next game both make 200 point lists of any faction or stick with Nomads and PanO. Basic rule building tips are that you should shoot for 8-10 orders. Try to spend at least the majority of your SWC (you get 1 per 50 points in a list. So 4 SWC for 200 points). Stretch the gaming table out to 4x4. Fill it with the terrain in Icestorm and any other terrain you have. Proxy the shit out the units you have in Icestorm and other gaming miniatures you have. Then go and kill each other. This should at least give you a better picture of the game. If you don't like it then hey the game's not for everybody no hard feelings.

    Here's the free army builder:

    Here's the wiki for any rules you might need to look up for units or while playing:

    1. Holy crap another wealth of Infinity data.
      Looking forward to a third game just to get more comfortable with the rules.
      I'll check the army builder and the wiki pages out.