Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gen Con week..........

Gen Con Indy 2015 will be here in just a few more days.

This year I go as a blank. There is nothing I am truly wanting to try or buy. It is both a sad and refreshing feeling.

After looking  over my vices, it is strange to not have anything I am in dire need of purchasing.

Of course that doesn’t mean that I’ll come home empty handed. At the least I’ll come home with some nerdy t-shirt, I always do.

Perhaps I can try to get a demo of Infinity in to see how it is really played?

If Privateer Press has The Undercity to play I might try that. Maybe? I think the cost of the game is a bit steep though. Besides that, unless they are releasing the new Hordes book, I don’t see any purchases from them.

Flying Frog has nothing new for The Last Night on Earth games.

Maybe there will be some new or rando board game to peak my interest?

At the bare minimum there will at least be a ton of stuff to gawk at.

Even with nothing on my game radar, I am still getting all a twitter as the week progresses.

We are going Friday (with the gribblies) and Saturday (adults only) this year. If you see a bald guy with glasses, a sweet pair of Chuck Taylor's, and backpack with some pins then say “Hey.” It  might be me…or one of a few hundred other people.

If you live in the quasi-barren wasteland of the American mid-West ,and are any type of geek, then get over to Indianapolis this weekend! There really is no real excuse for not attending at least one day out of the four. You really are doing yourself a disservice in not going once in your life.

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