Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WWE wrestler + Andrew W.K.= Borka

A big troll warlock who has aspell called Mosh Pit and has his own pyg beer porter. This is Borka the Keg Slayer!

Every time I look at Borka I think of one of two songs. The first "Party Hard".

The second "We Want  Fun".

This guy just oozes machismo! A giant mace, big muscles, the pointing angry pose, spiked gauntlets, overtly sexual codpiece and a vest that would make most 80's rockers jealous. 

This guy was actually fun to paint. Why? Well because it is a fun model.  A lot of leather and metal. Plus being a new warlock I moved away from the greens and yellows that I have been using with Madrak. 
I like the terracotta and red along with the browns. I might being using more of that in the future.

Never leave home without a pony keg strapped to you.

 Plus he comes with a attachment. A pyg keg carrier. This little guy brings Borka's personal stash to battle. Plus he can attack with the barrel!

Love the troll welp riding on to with the pint! 
"Win or lose, we booze!"

 Not much specail here, but a great attachment for the warlock. The trolls are a great force with a lot of character and that makes them fun to play with and against.

 Well he is read y for battle and ready to wasted after, or during!

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